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2022 Sep 12   We did it!

Our first show since the beginning of the pandemic, packed with new songs, was a lot of fun!

2021 Jul 07   

It is an honor and a pleasure to announce that there are four of us again. None other than Peter, former frontman and singer of Pferd des Gärtners, officially joined the band today after two great rehearsals. It's a lot of fun to work with him on new and old songs, as well as everything around it. We are thrilled. We hope you are too. :)

2018 Dec 31   A new home for GRUB!

Sad as we were in the beginning that we had to relocate, we are looking forward to our new rehearsal room in Munich- Milbertshofen, with some shows to come! Happy New Year 2019 everyone!

2017 Jul 27   New Live EP out now!

Just in time for the summerbreak we are happy to release our first Live Recordings from this years "UWE-Festival" at the Theaterakademie. Enjoy, and turn up the speakers! Grub Live @ UWE 2017

2017 Apr 18   F# off!

First the Neocons, now the Altrights. "It is time to play Punk again", says John.
Andy (Drums), John (Bass), Keith (Guitar+Voc)

"Put a ban on Stephen Bannon, get him off the air
Get him out of the White House, get him off the air
Gay frogs and the juice box, get him off the air
Put a ban on Alex Jones, get him off the air
The "Holocaust Centre", who's the inventor?, get him off the air
Put a ban on Sean Spicer get him off the air
A massacre in Bowling Green, what do you mean?
Put a ban on Conway, get her off the air
A heil to the white race, get him off the air
Put a ban on Richard Spencer, get them off the air"

2016 Sep 16   Album Release Party!

Watch us enjoying the title track "Ship of Theseus" :)

2016 Sep 13   T Shirts !

Thanks to Chris from Flatlands we finally got beautiful Kraken T Shirts!

2016 May 17   

Arrival of CDs!

2016 Apr 01   Live!

This is a live recording from the first three tracks of our first album, played as one. Mixed + Mastered by Jakob ("The Engine" Studios).

2016 Jan 01   New Year

Happy new year everyone from GRUB!

2015 Oct 28   Recordings

Almost done with our recordings for the upcoming Album "The Ship of Theseus": Everybody got his check mark!

2015 Oct 22   

Susi says Hi from Vancouver! :)

2015 Sep 11   Recording The Kraken

Original work instruction for "the Kraken". Pay attention to the part where Andy has to leave the drumkit in order to get him a beer: "Andy Bierholen".

2015 Apr 11   Merch

Excitement about the arrival of the new Mugs!

2015 Mar 21   

Good morning. Seven hours to go for our Show at Marienplatz.


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